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Corazón Challenge Winners


We would like to thank for those entities who participated in the Corazón Challenge! There were a total of 6 entities who submitted videos and overall, we were pleased with every one of the submissions that all entities will be receiving one (1) free LI2017 registration.

Here is a special message from Bro. Ammar Mufleh:

“You need to be agile on life and amenable to opportunities that emerge. I would like to thank you for doing just that and for putting forth the effort. I have decided to reward each of you for your efforts, these 6 entities have been awarded one (1) free registration to LI2017! Thank you for participating and I hope you look forward to your time in Nashville!”

Bro. Ammar Mufleh

Epsilon Alpha Chapter

The winning entities are:

Omicron Chapter

Epsilon Alpha Chapter

Omega Alpha Chapter

Omega Gamma Chapter

Kappa Delta Chapter

University of Kentucky Colony

Thank you for these entities for participating and congrats! We look forward to seeing everyone at Leadership Institute 2017!


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