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Make Sure You Vote!

These are the last 48-hours of this insane election cycle, have you voted, yet?  If not, it’s ok, you still have an opportunity to exercise your civic duty and ensure that your voice is heard tomorrow.

If you don’t know whether your registered to vote in this election, make sure to check with your state.  You can find the appropriate site by visiting

If you are not registered, you can still register on election day.  In most cases, a driver license and proof of residence is all you need; however, be sure to check the requirements per your state.

Are you not sure where your polling location is?  Not a problem!  The Voting Information Project can help you figure out where to go on election day, or early voting for those that can vote early!

Once you’ve voted, post a picture of your sticker and use the hashtags #BetasVote and #ShowYourSticker, be sure to tag us on Twitter and Instagram using @sigmalambdabeta or tag our Fan Page on your Facebook post!

No matter what you do, make sure you vote.

Happy Voting!


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