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SLB Game of the Week – Northern Illinois vs San Diego State

SLB Game of the Week

Each week this Fall, we will be highlighting the ‘SLB Game of the Week’ that features two college football teams where SLB is located. This fall’s second SLB Game of the Week is:


Northern Illinois vs San Diego State

This week’s matchup features the Eta Chapter (Northern Illinois) and the Psi Gamma Chapter (San Diego State) of Sigma Lambda Beta. While this isn’t a rivalry game like last week, football is still big at these two smaller schools. We spoke to a few Brothers about their experiences with football and their chapters.

Brother Gabriel Canon (Eta Chapter) explains, “NIU Football has always been a perfect opportunity for alumni and undergraduate brothers to come together and break bread. Cheap tickets or local TV access make it possible for us to get away from our usual norms and connect with one another while cheering for a Huskies win. NIU Football is by far the most supported team at NIU. Their consistency year after year is the reason for that.”

“Football at NIU means early Saturday mornings with the Brothers heading to the game, getting ready for a big win! The people, the atmosphere, the loud noise you hear as you approach the stadium is close to one of the best feelings ever!” said by Brother Javier Rodriguez (Eta Chapter).

Over at San Diego State, “the Psi Gamma chapter sees the game of football as bonding experience and one of the many things that brings us together. We enjoy playing the game, whether it be undergrads v. alumni, against other chapters, or against other orgs. In regards to college football, much of us do follow the Mighty Aztecs, and are pretty excited hat we have a Heisman candidate (Donnell Pumphrey) and the 2nd longest winning streak in the FBS” says Brother Jacob Nunez (Psi Gamma). In addition to the game itself, Psi Gamma uses this as an opportunity to socialize. “We also have a giant tailgate every year for the homecoming game (this year it’s November 5th), and that is a great time. So if any brothers are down, roll thru! And to the NIU bros…may the best team win!”


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