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With over 120 chapters from “coast-to-coast,” Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity has established itself as the largest Latino-based fraternity which now enjoys increasing multicultural membership, and with very good reason.  Since April 4, 1986, our Fraternity has grown from a single chapter at The University of Iowa to over 120 chapters that are located throughout the United States.  This aggressive growth since 1986 can be attributed to the efforts of collegiate men who believe in the ideals for which Sigma Lambda Beta stands, and the programs the Fraternity promotes.  At its core, the Fraternity exists to establish a “family” away from home that exists to foster academic excellence, leadership, and the dissemination of the rich culture that we all collectively share.  SLB’s philosophy is rooted in its motto, “Opportunity for Wisdom. Wisdom for Culture.”  As a Fraternity our membership strives to work diligently to ensure that our membership contributes to the enhancement of all communities regardless of size.  In other word’s we are committed and steadfast in believing that SLB contributes to the enhancement of collegiate culture, campus life, and academic excellence on all campuses where we exist.  To this end, the Fraternity demands that those committed to bringing SLB to a new collegiate environment understand that in order to do so that they will dedicate the energy, planning, time, and motivation that is the standard for Sigma Lambda Beta.  And to be sure the rewards are well worth the energy and effort.

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  • A group of at least eight (8) committed men who share the same ideals of Sigma Lambda Beta, and are interested in bringing Sigma Lambda Beta to their campus;

  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 per interested man;

  • Thorough knowledge of the expansion policies and guidelines pertinent to your campus and the appropriate governing council at your campus;

  • An initial working relationship with the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life, or similar office to express your interest in proceeding with expansion;

  • Complete a Petition for Expansion.

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