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Communications Coordinator


Savannah Buys has been with the Executive Office since August of 2021  and is currently the Communications Coordinator. She oversees the design and execution of the Fraternitys' mass communications and social media, including the Alumni News, In-Focus, and the Beta Bulletin newsletters. She is also in charge of the sponsorship program and implementation and the administration of the 86 Club.

About Me

Savannah comes from a small town east of Des Moines, Iowa. She graduated from the University of Iowa in the Spring of 2021 with B.A. in both History and International Relations. She has experience working with the Iowa City Foreign Relations Council and The Borgen Project, where she learned fundraising and nonprofit management. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and friends,  hiking, and listening to true crime podcasts.

Ask Me About

Sponsorships, social media, how cool Iowa is, and your favorite true crime podcast.


Phone: (319) 242-7540, ext. 8605

Savannah: TeamMember
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