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86 Brothers for the 86 Club

With the launch of the 86 Club, Sigma Lambda Beta embarked on a path to create a way for alumni brothers to directly invest in the evolution of the Fraternity.  Historically, our organization has functioned operationally under what we now call the “90/10 Split”. This means that the collegiate members contribute 90% to Fraternity operations and the alumni contribute 10%. As we grow so does our ability to support our brotherhood, maturing from just a small group of volunteer leaders to our current support structure at the Executive Office.  Our growth has been tremendous, but we all know that to sustain and develop into a sophisticated organization, undergraduate dues will never be enough.  While alumni dues have come and gone with the years, the participation and funding levels were always historically low and inconsistent.  Alumni investment exists only within the realm of Alumni Networks, keeping their funds local and directing them in the direction they see best.  Enter 86 Club.

The 86 Club is designed to be an elected dues structure that is affordable and accessible to alumni of every career level. Your invested funds are used to grow our executive office and equip Sigma Lambda Beta with the personnel and resources needed to move our beloved Fraternity to the next level. Thanks to the 86 Club’s two classes of fully vested members with the alumni who are contributing members, the Director of Donor Development was brought on board last July. We have seen a lot of success in the last year, but our goals are far from being reached. We created monthly participation levels that extend payment terms allowing for amounts that each investor can afford.

Our goal of 86 men for the 86 Club is within our reach and investing back into the organization that continues to invest in the lives of young Latinos holds boundless value. Through the creation of the new 86 Club Tier system, the Executive Board of Directors was able to increase the value to the members. For more detailed information on how the new system works, visit our 86 Club page. Ready to sign up? Visit the Brother Network or call Rachel Rayman at (319) 242-7540 ext. 8605.

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