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86 Club Contributor Spotlight: Brother Steve Galvan

Sigma Lambda Beta recently launched a new initiative called the 86 Club. One of our first contributors was Brother Steve Galvan. We sat down with him recently to see why he felt it important to support the 86 Club.

Can you give a little Sigma Lambda Beta background? When and where did you cross? What roles have you had or currently possess?

I first became interested in Sigma Lambda Beta when my older biological brother Gary “El Ejemplo” Galvan crossed in 2000. He would bring me around to programming, community, and social events. The Brotherhood and the way everyone interacted was like no other. I knew then, I wanted to become part of this organization. I crossed on June 18, 2004, at 10:20:56 p.m. at the “Exotic” Epsilon chapter at Western Michigan University. As an undergrad, I served as Vice-President, Historian, and Secretary. As an alumnus, I have served as Chairman of the Alumni Network of West Michigan, Assistant Regional Director, and Regional Director.

What do you currently do professionally?

I am currently a high school Social Studies teacher at Hartford High School in Hartford, MI. I have taught every grade level from early childhood to adult education. My main grade level the last couple of years has been in the middle school and high school setting. I also coach football and softball and serve as an adviser for the chess club and quiz bowl.

What was your initial reaction when you first heard of the 86 Club?

My initial reaction when I first heard about the 86 Club was that this was an initiative that would help our fraternity grow and take that leap to the next level. There has been a discussion in the past about providing some sort of lifetime membership and I am happy to see come to light.

What convinced you to join the 86 Club?

The 86 Club to me is a worthy investment in which funds raised will help spark future financial gains in various areas of our fraternity, one being the newly sparked Young Stallions Club Mentorship Program. So for me, I am not looking for what the fraternity can give to me personally through the 86 Club, but rather what 86 Club can do to take SLB to the next level.

How long have you been waiting for an opportunity like this?

Like I mentioned before, the thought of providing a lifetime membership program has been entertained in the past but piecing all things together never really truly surfaced. Now it has been, and I have pursued the opportunity to become a lifetime member.

For alumni that are on the fence about joining the 86 Club, what would you say to them to convince them to join?

I would tell all alumni brothers that the 86 Club is like an I.P.O. The initial investment is the most important in helping our beloved fraternity reach platforms and levels that were once thought as only a dream. This new position hire will explore many different avenues to help bring in financial resources to our fraternity in a variety of different areas. This will help with SLB branding not only in the Greek Community but also the corporate world and beyond.

What would you like to see SLB accomplish in the next 5-10 years?

In the next 5-10 years, I would like to see SLB purchase our own headquarters building, offset the costs of convention and [Leadership Institute], and continue to evolve with best practices in providing resources to better serve our undergrad and alumni needs.


To find out more information about joining the 86 Club, please visit our page.


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