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A Call To Action

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. Say their names. Unfortunately, these names are the latest in a long list of unarmed Black people killed. These individuals once had lives filled with hopes and ambitions. They had families and friends. They laughed and loved. Their absence can never be replaced to those that knew them.

As a father, I worry about my two sons. One is eight and the other is a year old. They’re adorable—the kind of adorable where strangers would say something complimentary about them. But eventually, they’ll get bigger and not so adorable to strangers anymore. I’ll have to give the talk. The same talk that many parents of people of color give their children in this country on how to deal with the police and authority

I worry about the Black Brothers in our Fraternity. The pain and suffering of being Black in America can never be fully conceptualized by a person like me. But I am here to let you know you are heard, and I will continue to listen. Your pain and fear are acknowledged.

Since its inception, the Fraternity aims to better our community, our country, and the world. I believe Sigma Lambda Beta will always play a role in improving the lives of those around us. In these times of darkness, this also must be true. We cannot let the deaths of George, Breonna, and Ahmaud and the other individuals who were killed at the hands of systemic-racism be in vain. I’m tired of seeing another black and brown body murdered on social media. I’m tired of seeing another Trans life taken away for simply living their truth. We must act now.

Sigma Lambda Beta recommends the following actions that our Brothers and entities can take:

  1. If physically able to do so, participate in marches and demonstrations in their local communities.

  2. Write a letter demanding justice to Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.

  3. Call Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman at 612-348-5550 and demand that those responsible for George Floyd’s death be charged.

  4. Donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a grassroots organization that will use donations to bail out arrested protestors.

  5. Please participate in the Fraternity’s Civic Engagement Committee, which will be organizing and publicizing more actions that our members can take. We will be having a Zoom call this weekend hosted by Brother Jason Smolka. Please email him for an invite.

Help will always be given at the Fraternity to those who seek it. Our phone lines at the Executive Office are open. My personal cell is 773-eight two eight-9274. Know that Sigma Lambda Beta will always be family for our Brothers. Your Black lives matter. Your Brown lives matter. Your LGBTQ+ lives matter.

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