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Introducing the Founders Class of the 86 Club

In December 2017, Sigma Lambda Beta announced the formation of the 86 Club. The new initiative will help fulfill the goal of Alumni Support. A contribution of $1986, will allow the fraternity to hire and support the needs of a new staff member whose primary objectives will be to look for grants and other funding sources for alumni initiatives.

It was announced that members who have contributed the full $1986 amount by April 4, 2018, would be known as the Founders Class. Sigma Lambda Beta is happy to announce the following Brothers have cemented their commitment to Sigma Lambda Beta.

Founders Class

  1. David Ayento (Kappa)

  2. Steve Galvan (Epsilon)

  3. Edwin Martinez (Omicron)

  4. Angel Arroyo (Upsilon Delta)

  5. Diego Back (Beta Beta)

  6. Caden Gillespie (Chi Beta)

  7. Joshua Menchaca (Psi Alpha)

  8. Jason Smolka (Omicron)

  9. Juan Eligio Jr. (Nu Gamma)

The Future of the 86 Club

We are extremely thankful for the contributions of the Founders Class. In all, these nine men contributed nearly $18,000 towards the goal of a new staff member at our Executive Office. The fraternity would also like to thank those who have begun their contribution in the form of reoccurring payments. The Executive Board of Directors is committed to having this position fully funded by the Alpha Class so that this position can be filled by the next fiscal year. Brothers have until April 4, 2019, to be considered part of the Alpha Class.  To learn more about the 86 Club, please check out our information page, watch the video below, or contact the Executive Office.


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