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Retiring of Oppressive Terminology

North Liberty, IA—On September 19, 2020, the House of Delegates convened to elect new leadership, vote on proposals, and enact resolutions for the Fraternity. By an overwhelming majority vote, the House of Delegates voted to retire the use of the word "colony" in Sigma Lambda Beta's constitution, policies, and publications.

The Executive Board of Directors (EBOD) authored the proposal. "Many Brothers come from backgrounds whose ancestors were victims of colonization. As a fraternity, we should shift to remove oppressive terminology," says the EBOD.

All undergraduate entities of Sigma Lambda Beta will be known as “chapters.” New expansion groups to the Fraternity will be known as "uncharted chapters." These uncharted chapters will observe the naming procedure of their respective institution's name, followed by "Chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta." For example, "Big State University Chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta." Once a new expansion group fulfills the appropriate requirements, they will earn their chapter's charter and receive their Greek letter designation. For expansion groups at institutions where the Fraternity previously had a chartered entity, The Fraternity will assign the historic Greek letters the entity had before once appropriate requirements have been met.

About Sigma Lambda Beta

Sigma Lambda Beta is a historic Latino based fraternity with a multicultural membership founded in 1986 at the University of Iowa. Sigma Lambda Beta's mission is to nurture and further a dynamic, values-based environment which utilizes our historically Latino based fraternity as a catalyst to better serve the needs and wants of all people.

For additional information regarding Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity please contact the Executive office at 319-242-7540 and/or the Fraternity Executive Director, Xavier Romano at


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