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BetaRadar Press Release

NORTH LIBERTY, IA (May 11, 2016) — Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity is excited to announce a new webinar series – BetaRadar. In partnership with alumni brothers, BetaRadar’s primary focus is to provide alumni brothers with an opportunity to give back to SLB while being able to connect with all brothers through educational and informative sessions. BetaRadar topics will vary and will, at one point, target collegiate brothers, alumni brothers or both.

BetaRadar webinar series will be hosted once every month by an alumni brother who will present a webinar on topics related to: Personal/Professional Development, Entity Operations/Best Practices or Student Development.

BetaRadar will officially launch with its first webinar on May 18th, 2016 which will be hosted by Executive Board of Directors member, Bro. David Ayento.

To learn about upcoming BetaRadar webinars and to register, please visit our website.

Alumni that are interested in hosting a BetaRadar webinar should contact Bro. Julian Gonzalez at (319) 242-7540 ext. 8601.

Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity (SLB) is a collegiate fraternity bound together by the principles of Brotherhood, Scholarship, Community Service and Cultural Awareness. Founded on April 4, 1986, at The University of Iowa, SLB’s mission is to nurture and further a dynamic, values-based environment which utilizes its historically Latino-based fraternity as a catalyst to better serve the needs and wants of all people. SLB’s impact is possible thanks to its network of over 10,000 collegiate and alumni brothers.



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