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Day Without A Woman

For Immediate Release

Sigma Lambda Beta supports Women

NORTH LIBERTY, IA (March 7, 2017) — March 8 is International Women’s Day and this year, women across our country and their allies will act together for equity, justice, and the human rights of women and all gender-oppressed people through a one-day demonstration of economic solidarity. You can learn more about the movement by visiting this website.

Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity understands the value of women and the importance they play in our everyday lives. Every Tall Lambda Beta Man can think of at least one very important woman in their lives who is a shining role model for all individuals in our various communities. Whether they are mothers, daughters, sisters, or friends, powerful women are around us every day.

As you may recall, at BETACON 2014, our brotherhood unanimously adopted a resolution that supported women by taking ownership of rape and sexual assault and acknowledging that this isn’t just a woman’s issue, it is our as well. Thus, SLB will join this movement on International Women’s Day to continue to show our unwavering support for all women.

On March 8th, we call on all Brothers to show their support for women by wearing red. As men of action, however, it is not enough for us to visually show our support by wearing red, we must also take every opportunity to share information and educate others on what this movement is, and why it’s important to us. Other ways you can show your support include:

  1. Joining our social media campaign. You can either share this image across your social media accounts, or you can post a photo of yourself and your brothers wearing red using the hashtags #BetasGoRed #DayWithoutAWoman

  2. Avoid shopping for one day (March 8) except for small, women-, and minority-owned businesses

  3. Attend a local march or peaceful protest. New Yorkers, click here for information about the march organized for NYC

  4. Make a contribution to Women’s March on Washington.

  5. Visit Women’s March on Washington’s website to learn more.

Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity is a Latino-based social fraternity established on cultural understanding and wisdom. Founded on April 4, 1986 at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, the organization is committed to create and expand multicultural leadership, promote academic excellence, advance cultural awareness and service while influencing its mission among all dedicated collegiate men worldwide.

For more information, please contact:

Ricardo J. Cortez, Executive Director 7 Hawkeye Drive, Suite 101 North Liberty, IA 52317 (319) 242-7540



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