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The Need for Inclusive Spaces

Sigma Lambda Beta is disheartened by the lack of respect shown to our members, and to those of our peer organizations at the VESPERS event held in April at Iowa State University. While we appreciate the letters of support from the Office of Greek Affairs and university administration, we feel as though more must be done to stop incidents like these from occurring at this campus, and across the nation. Furthermore, we are disappointed with the lack of substantive follow-up taken by the institution thus far.

It is our hope to encourage the Office of Greek Affairs to host cultural awareness events, along with open dialogues to help educate the entire Greek Community of Iowa State University on the differences between traditional and culturally-based fraternities and sororities. We trust that through discussion and education, the differences will also highlight the many similarities that all fraternal organizations share through their objectives and missions.

We remain committed to our long standing partnership with Iowa State University and make ourselves available to assist in any way university administration may deem appropriate.

Executive Board of Directors


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